I completely transformed my short game this summer

I was tired of not having any “feel” with chipping and short pitches (20 – 60 yards). I would stand over a shot and just no know what to do with it. So I decided that in order to get feel I would have to just hit so many practice shots that I would not avoid getting good at it. So I set a goal to hit 5000 chip/pitch shots in 2 months. I bought a shag bag ($20) and 3 dozen used ProV1's ($35) and got to work at the local short game practice area. The result? Fantastic. I got exactly what I wanted and more. Did you know that when you are hitting 300 chip shots in a row you just get really, really good at it? I set a lot of goals, like “hit 25 7i chip-n-runners that all get past the hole, none short!” or “flop onto the green but don't roll out past the hole” kind of things. Obviously I didn't start that sort of stuff until I was past the whole “stop stubbing fat” phase. Basically I just brute forced it and it worked. Anyone else ever take that approach?

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